Both the pioneer of SAT GROUP to Singapore Automobile Trading Pte Ltd then to SAT MOTORS, Sean and Jonathan both having been in the motor trade for more than 7 years and has been exporting cars to all over the whole world. From the moment they decided not to outsource their jobs to another workshop for their paintwork and repairs that were the birth of SAT MOTORS their very own in-house workshop to do up their export cars to showroom standards for their overseas customers.

SAT MOTORS have moved from just servicing the export market to the end users and dealers in the local market. Both the founder and the co-founder of this prestige company had one goal in mind. Which was giving their customer the best service at the most competitive prices, Allowing their customer to maintain and keep their car looking brand new all year round.

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With both the founders deeply rooted in the motor trade. They have since expand their operations to offer all range of services to their customers. Making them a one-stop solution to all their customer automotive needs. From Accident claims to servicing, purchasing and sales of their cars even to exporting and scrapping their used cars.

At SAT MOTORS have both men and women are working with the mind set of giving quality services and craftsmanship to all our car users trying to maintain a good balance between cost and quality, maximising every dollar that the customer is spending at our workshop doing up their cars.

At SAT MOTORS we strive to ease every problem of the customers in case of any accident or any other issues that they might have with their cars, be it servicing LTA documentation, Motor Insurance, Insurance Claim, Hire purchase for their cars, our staff is here to give their professional advise on the matter helping our customer to make the best choice available for them.