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3rd Party Accident Claims

  • We specialise in Accident claims with insurances companies.

  • With a great legal team together with a good supporting administrative team we are able to do up your documentation for a claim with the minimum hassle.

  • Our consultants would always be at your side for any enquires and to be there to protect your interest.

  • Our Legal team would be able to provide services for injury claims on the other party should there be any.

Accident Advisory & consultation

We provide on-site accident consultation for claims or private settlement to the best of our client interest and pockets.


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Panel knocking & Welding

Major damages resulting from big collision. We have the equipment and the skills set to transform your wreck car to the previous nice state it was.

Spray painting

  • Fibre and Putty would be used to rectify all the dents and all major Scratches of the car.

  • Should there be Alignment or Panel Beating to attain showroom standards it would be done as well.

  • Sanding down and detailing of the paint Preparation would be done before the car would be send to the Paint room.

  • 2 layer of paint coating Method would be used in Spray the car to ensure that the car gets the best exposure to the paint to ensure that top quality is sustain.

  • Compound Polishing and detailing would be applied to the car.

  • 3 Layer Waxing would be applied to the car.

  • Dry washing with Pressured air pipe finishing would be done finally.

**Alignment cost and panel knocking would be charge to our customer as per charged.

** Labour Cost to install any spare parts such as head lamp, tail lamp, bumper and body-kit would be as charged.

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Body kit (with installation)

  • We import body kits for all range of cars. From the original kits to the replicas our sales advisor would be able to hook up with the dream kits of yours with the pricing you want.

  • We have a specialise team of repairers to modify the kits and make the kit as fitting as it should be for your ride.

Car Servicing, Major engine repairs

  • We do engine overhaul, top gasket overhaul and all major engine repairs for a competitive pricing.

  • We do service with the customized package at competitive prices. Total with a 120 point check every time your ride zoom into our workshop.

  • Different engine oil for different car as well as catering the different financial budget of different customers.

  • Our Specialized team can reconstruct an engine and re-wire the electronic components of a car.

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Grooming (upholstery and paintwork protection)

  • Polishing would be done with compound cream with full detailing around the whole car.

  • The Car would be put through 3 Layer of Waxing before dry washing the car to attain best possible effect.

  • We would then do a put chemical wash for the upholstery of the full interior of the car, together with vacuuming the whole car.

  • Full Engine wash.

Motor Insurance

We Provide Insurance quotation for all major Motor insurance company. At a discount rate for our customers.

Fleet Management

We help manage company with a fleet of company cars. From petty damages to servicing and maintenance of the car to replacement vehicles. As well as 24 hours road side assistance from break down to accidents.

Hire Purchase

We provide loan from more than 8 financial institution to provide our clients with their financial needs for purchasing of their Used car and New car.

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LTA Documentation

From selling a car to your friend. To purchase a car from your friend. As well as scrapping your car and exporting them all the LTA documentation we have the experience to handle them for you at minimum hassle.


Scrapping and exporting of Used Vehicles.

  • We have a specialize sales team to market and sell your used car here to the world from Caribbean Islands, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region the boundaries are endless. We export your car to someone who might one to buy them.

  • Need to scrap them we can handle all the documentation and the physical Hassle for you.

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Purchasing and sales of Used cars.

  • We do consignment at minimum or no fees at when you choose to sell your car with us.

  • We do purchase car for the purpose of resale in the local used market or the export market. 

  • Competitive prices as our extensive network with dealers and authorised agent give us the edge in our purchasing price thus our customer might be always getting the best price of their used car in the market. Cheap good cars? NO where better to get them from.

Ultimate Shield Program

The following perks & benefits awaits for all ultimate shield members.

  •  24/7 Free towing services in Singapore

  • 24/7 Towing services from Malaysia to Singapore at attractive members rate.

  • 24/7 Accident advisory team at your service

  • Access to wholesale prices for spare part for all brands of cars

  • Access to wholesale prices and discounted rates for body works and paint job, grooming services and other products.

  • Special discounted rates and rental cars.

  • Free technical & diagnostics consultation at your conveniences.

  • Valet Services (Subject to availability)

SAT Members get to enjoy the same perks & benefits too! To learn more, please look for any of our consultants today!

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